Basic course on the RSA algorithm

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to RSA
Idea of encryption and decryption to send data Details 00:08:00
Congruence and the totient function (lecture 2) Details 00:00:00
Mathematical tools required
Modulo Arithmetic (Lecture 1) Details 00:00:00
Congruence Modulo(lecture 2) Details 00:00:00
Properties of congruence Details 00:00:00
Another interesting problem in congruence Details 00:05:00
Problems for finding remainders Details 00:00:00
Proving divisibility using modular arithmetic Details 00:05:00
How to calculate the digit in the units place Details 00:05:00
How to encrypt and decrypt data
How to encrypt and decrypt data Details 00:08:00
How to find the private key
How to find the private key “d” Details 00:03:00
How the actual algorithm works
How the RSA algorithm actually works Details 00:09:00
Detailed example
Detailed example to encrypt and decrypt Details 00:11:00
Further assignments with answers

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