The beautiful world of science and mathematics


The history of Algebra .

By Natraj Sarma

Mathematics in the modern world

Although we are often unaware of its presence ,mathematics permeates nearly every aspect of life in the modern world. When you were probably awakened this morning you had a digital alarm clock. When you made a telephone call you used digital transmission. The car you travelled on had digitally controlled fuel injection ,and you listened to music on a CD player and then fell asleep in a room whose temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat.In General ,a property such as intensity or frequency of sound, oxygen level in the exhaust emission from a car ,the colors in an image are all transformed sequences of numbers by sophisticated algorithms. These numerical data which usually consist of millions of bits (0 and 1) are then transmitted and reinterpreted .The contributions of mathematics in the modern world is not limited to technology. Mathematics helps to analyze and solve complex problems in social, political and life sciences .

Consider your elections . How do they decide the winner . A lot of mathematics goes into that . Consider the economic problem of food distribution . Linear programming is used to solve these problems . I will be posting more of these to help you understand how mathematics affects us in our everyday activities.