Understanding Physics

This is free course for students who are in class 11. This is not intended to be a typical course for exams and grades. It is just to learn and enjoy PHYSICS .
Please enjoy the course and leave your reviews .


In this we plan to cover the basics of mechanics.
We start with kinematics and introduce the concept of instantaneous velocity.
We shall cover motion in two and three dimension. Newton’s laws of motion and the concept of work energy and power . We also plan to take up rolling torque and angular momentum .
Motion along a straight line
Forces of motion 1
Forces of motion 2
Kinetic energy and work
Potential energy and conservation of momentum
Rolling torque and angular momentum
There will not be any assignments or quiz’s . This course is only to clearly understand the beauty of physics and to show how math helps in helping solve physics problems .
Please do not consider this to be a detailed course for taking exams . This will surely
Supplement your regular course work .

Course Curriculum

Kinematics and motion in one dimension
Understanding physics 00:45:00

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